playing: white days by the lighthouse and the whaler


7/7/21 11:55am

HELLO!! i woke up like an hour ago and then made an egg & bacon sandwich. it was amazing. i am very lucky to have a stove!!!!!!

summer school isn't that bad so far! it isn't hard to keep up with assignments, but i still somehow manage to take all week to finish three classes. i'm taking this weird health issues and choices class which is essentially teaching me the same exact stuff as my last year's physical education class except with more "don't do drugs!!" assignments. all and all, i rate it a very 5 boring stars out of 10. it could be worse though! my other two classes are actually electives though which is cool. the other one is popular culture which is pretty cool so far! the stuff we're learning is pretty interesting, albeit mellow so far. the only thing i don't really like are these note taking assignments where my teacher is just talking about a radio or something for 10 minutes and you have to summarize it. note taking is never fun though. my final class is probably my favorite so far, though it's a close contender with popular culture, and that's my elements of music class! i was going to take this course back in 2018 but i didn't think i would like it, but it's actually pretty cool so far! we're learning notes and shit right now but my old choir teacher has kind of lodged all that stuff in my head by now, so it's nothing insanely difficult. we're also learning about musical eras on the side which is very interesting. i love the music my teacher attaches to assignments!!! she made me listen to el grillo ONCE and it's been stuck in my head for the past like 4 days.

i got money for my grades and i ended up spending it all on a complete signed collection of the marble hornet dvds and steam games. ah yes, priorities! i remember watching marble hornets when i was like 10 and when i found out that they had OFFICIAL SIGNED DVDS ... oh man what a win. then i bought hollow knight, omori, and then all the monkey island games (thank you isabella for the recommendation). i ended up starting omori first and MAN. i have so much to say about this game. firstly, i won't be spoiling anything in case you haven't played it (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! but make sure to check out the triggers first). i'm absolutely blown away that this game is made with rpg maker like WHAT. i own rpg maker mv and it takes a lot of effort to make an rpg maker game feel like your game because of how limited the customization is. unless you download a shit ton of plug-ins, almost all rpg maker games look the same. so you can bet your fine dollar that my jaw dropped when i found out it was made with rpg maker. i'm only 6 hours in but just WOW!!!!! the art is so wonderful, the characters are chefs kiss, the music is AAAAAAAAA!!!!! i think i have a good idea what the story is about, and if i do, man does it hit close to home. just everything about it is so wonderful even if i have been absolutely punched in the face by the story.

OH YEAH. I WATCHED LUCA. oh my god ALL THE THINGS THAT I WANT TO SAY ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL FILM. i remember seeing online everywhere that the movie was gay as hell and i was like "pshhh a disney/pixar movie? yeah right," and FUCK. JUST FUCK!!!!! again, no spoilers, but FUFSUUFIDOGFJIDIJKDFSUJDIFOSJIKG. the movie has so many metaphors and implications and it's like a a a hahhre ef ehafkr......,.,.,. i can't do this. but i've been very obsessed with it, already made some mediocre art, planning to do a little animation. i'm trying to force my family to watch it but i want to be there with them so i have an excuse to rewatch it (rubs my evil little hands). i could spend this entire entry talking about alberto and luca honestly. just go watch it. you'll understand.

aside from luca and omori, i have just been doodling, writing, and homework. i have to email my godmother and thank her for the grade money and book. she sends me a lot of self help books. i appreciate her a lot but writing emails is weirdly draining. we also need to take bug to get them a new id today. i also need to call my boyfriend ............. gonna go play omori BYE!

6/15/21 6:41pm

HEYO!! just finished school let's go let's go! i have to do summer school but i still get a mini break thankfully so that's pretty coooooool! i spent the last 3 straight days finishing my stop motion animation which i waited super last minute to do. it's still pretty cool, but i had plans to do a lot more with it. (here's the video if u wanna watch it) got an A on it so WOOOOOOO!! I ended getting good grades (except for algebra of course, frick math) which doesn't help my horrendous procrastination habits. like i said, i work better under pressure!

my best friend is living with me too which has been an adventure! it hadn't been 2 days and we somehow ran into a fan of dan and phil at the michael's near me. i have been living here for like 3 years and i have not met a single dan and phil fan despite usually wearing dan and phil merch out yet the SECOND bug gets here, we meet someone. tragic! but they were super nice and cool, I hope we cross paths again.

anyway, i played some new leaf yesterday after I finished my project which was very nice. papi has a froggy chair that i've been trying to steal from him. so far, i'm unsuccessful. one day... i'll keep you updated. but i have so much time now!!! i could work on my website some more now! i should make a schedule of things to do... but okay, I'm go write or something. i'll figure it out LOL. byeeee

5/31/21 10:34pm

hello!! currently watching a kurtis conner while writing this, but i hope you all had a good memorial day! i hung out with my family, played volleyball and then softball and then turned to dust. we also grilled and had a blast, very fun.

got my first vaccine shot yesterday!!!! woohoo!! it was a very convenient experience, thank you cvs pharmacy. arm was sore, but that was about it. then we got caribou coffee and subway which was absolutely epiiccccccc. didn't get any homework done though because we watched mitchells vs the machines and some other fun movies all day.

i have so much homework uhhhhuh hh h hh i'll get it done soon........ soon. school ends on the 7th for me so basically i have a week to finish a butt load of stuff. i'll get through it but i can't believe this happens every year. absolutely not cool. but i'm so glad 11th grade is going to be over soon. i started strong and i actually enjoyed my classes for awhile but american literature RUINED IT. i'm sorry but holy moly have i never experienced a class so unenjoyable. it's been soul draining just opening the assignments, let alone finishing them. but soon i'll be DONE WITH IT!!!! YAHOOO!!!

speaking of school (very interesting, i know), i was very behind on credits so i got to choose a bunch of electives for 12th grade which includes computer programming and quantum computing, which i'm not sure i'll enjoy but i definitely wanted to try it. i have no clue what to expect with quantum computing but it's completely out of my comfort zone so i'm interested to see what it's going to be like! (cut to me in a year actually banging my head against the wall because of my decision) tune in next year to see how that class treats me!

anywho, bug (my bestie) moves in with me in a week! it's going to be a very big thing but i'm still processing that my online friend of nearly 3 years is literally going to live with me. WEIRD. i hope we don't kill each other. will keep you updated on how that goes.

but yeah, random thought of the day, but i love when the internet just randomly shuts off for days on end. i don't have data so i depend on wifi which means that if i don't have access to internet, i'm completely disconnected from the rest of the world. it kind of makes me panicky but honestly it's so nice. i can't bring myself to just not use the internet despite being available to it though because then i'll get upset and worried someone has died, but if it's just off and i have no control over it, man is it great! i do have a small survival kit of downloaded videos that i can play on loop in case i get lonely, but otherwise, it's great.

alright, im sure there's a million other things that i could talk about for hours but i should go to bed. i'm so sore and my head is ACHINGzzz!!! but just remember, amazingphil is awesome, philip lester is super cool, sir amazing is the best, aaaaand goodnight.

5/25/21 6:12pm

HEY this is my first entry!!!! i officially made this site on the 18th (of may 2021 in case you're from the future) and have been procrastinating on doing homework for the last two days just to work on it. i struggled a bit with figuring out how to do the layout of the divs but i found a wonderful template online and my progress just went ^^^^^ BOOOM. i also took a lot of inspo from some other very talented web makers here on neocities, so a giant hug to the community for . existing. (the source code is veeeery messy and i apologize deeply to anyone who might try to scavenge through it.)

but yeah, i'm very excited to get this thing seriously fleshed out! it's definitely not done, i think anyone can see that as of now, but i'm happy i'm getting somewhere. i've always wanted to have my own personal corner on the internet just for myself to exist, and i'm very happy that i finally had the courage to try and do it and i'm even happier that this website is even FUNCTIONING!!! that's the best feeling in the world, even if the thing you made is extremely clunky (i feel like my mother has said the same exact words LOL).

i have a research paper i need to write, a family history project and a stop motion animation project that i need to get done in like a week soooooo i guess i'll just keep working on this site!! look. personally i think i preform better under pressure.

stress aside, my week has been fine. uneventful, sure, but fine! the weather is getting mighty lovely and the greenery is curing my seasonal depression x12548328582834 like it's SO NICE TO LOOK AT THE COLOR GREEN. what a beautiful color.

but alright, that's all i can think to talk about. thanks for reading!! kiss yourself, laugh loudly, dance obnoxiously, and STAY WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!